Employee Sales & Tips Reports


My Sales allow you to see a summary of sales and tips your employees earned. It shows a list of all sales and tips records under each employee with the total transaction amount. 

Tips are part of the income that restaurant service providers earn. It is essential for businesses and employees to report them (by filing taxes). To this end, it is useful to keep a record of tips employees earn to be compliant with local laws and regulations.

Quickly glance over data to understand which employees are earning tips and the amount they are earning as tips (useful for managers). 

Screenshot_20210628-162521_inServ.jpg                        Screenshot_20210629-172936_inServ.jpg

Based on your requirement, from the tabs, select either Today or Yesterday to filter your reports. 

On clicking on the down arrow, Closed Check, No of Open Orders, and Total Tips details are displayed for each employee.

The Closed Check Count of each customer is displayed near 'View Report'.

Click on View Report to display No of Total Orders, Total Tips, Transaction No, Amount, and Tip.

With this much information at hand, you will always know how much tips each employee has earned, and what they still might be due.

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