How to access Company settings on Console/6IX POS


Go to Settings → General Settings → Company

This section is for updating information that will apply to the overall company (it applies to all venues and stores). It includes information such as the company name, address, phone number, email, website, currency, time zone, tax type, application type, and logo to display on the POS Register screens.

For Merchants with multiple locations, this should be the corporate office or main store.



Company Name & Address

The company name entered here will appear on all reports and email communications that are generated from the CAS. The maximum length of the fields is 50 characters, and information beyond that will be truncated.


To customize your currency, select your currency from the drop-down. This will be used for the enterprise - all entities must use the same currency, it cannot vary by venue or store locations.

For locations that are outside of the US, the user can select the currency. Currencies that are integrated with the system are US Dollar-USD, Canadian Dollar-CAD, British Pound- GBP, Euro-EUR, etc.

If you require a different currency for your stores, please contact ‌‌ for custom settings. Please note that some upgrade levels will include the custom settings at no additional cost.

Time Zones

Select your Time Zone from the drop-down. This will be the time zone that your CAS reports will display. If you require a different time zone, please contact the support department at retailcloud for custom settings.


This allows you to display a logo on your Reports (pdf) and on the WinPOS Register screens.

Size Requirements: Maximum file size: 1MB, Pixels: Maximum 110 by 110 pixels and should be in JPG file format.

App Type

Select the app type you will be using for all venues and registers.

  • Standard is for retail businesses

  • Decimal will allow for sales to be made in decimal quantities (such as bulk sales where you could sell a quantity of 8.7)

  • QSR is to enable the Quick Serve Restaurant application on the Android Tablet

Access Rights Access to this function is limited by default to the System Administrator and Financial Roles

How to Access Company Settings on 6IX POS?

Store Location Settings

This feature allows modifying store name, store hours, and change the tax rate. These are set by default so if merchants want to change it they can quickly change it and will take effect on their store.

  1. Click on the Menu icon from the home screen → Select ‘Configurations’ → Location

  2. Enter the company details in the provided fields.

  3. Click ‘Save’.


Company Code: View the company code.

Store Name: Modify the name of the Store.

Store Hours: Add or modify store hours.

Register Name: View the Register Name.

Register ID: View the Register Name.

Tax Rate: Modify the tax rate.

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