How to Import Items through Console?


Navigate to UtilitiesImport

Importing your products is the most efficient way to Add or Update your product catalog. Whether you're adding new products or making changes to existing ones, importing is the best way to make those changes in bulk.


It's as simple as drag and drop of your item file.

Great for converting from your current POS system, as we accept any file.

The Import will assess your file, ask the meaning of any column headers it does not recognize.

An email will be sent to you with the import status, how many items successfully import, how many fail with the reason for the fails.

Getting Started

You'll need access to a spreadsheet program that supports CSV files such as Excel or Google Sheets. Any other file type will not import.

Choosing an Import Template

You can download the sample template by clicking on the Download Sample link.

You can also create your custom import templates, and select only the product fields you want to include.

Select the required titles and download the CSV file. 


These are just a few examples of the requirements you'll need to be aware of before importing. If you have any issues, see Troubleshooting | Data Import for help with several common scenarios that can occur.

Now, when you are ready with the import file, process with the steps below.i

Importing Products

  1. Go to UtilitiesProducts → Click on Item Import
  2. Upload Your File: Attach the Item file by simply Drag & Drop or upload your CSV file directly from your computer by browsing for it.
  3. Click Continue when done.2021-09-17_15_42_34-retailcloud_restaurant_console.png
  4. Column Mapping: Once the file is loaded the column headers from the file will be displayed below the heading Column Name. In the case of the column header from the file exactly matching the Console field name this will be automatically mapped and this is displayed in the Map to Field.
  5. You can map and make sure all of the column fields data you're importing has been matched to its equivalent setting on Console.  2021-09-17_16_00_39-Photos.png
  6. Enter the email address to which you will receive the status of your import.
  7. Click Continue.2021-09-17_16_03_24-retailcloud_console.png
  8. Import will be Initiated → Click Finish.
  9. You will be taken back to the Import page, where at the bottom you can see a section 'Recent Imports' which will show the details and current status of the imported file.2021-09-17_16_08_17-retailcloud_console.png
  10. Click on the Status (highlighted in blue color) to view the Status Report- This will list both Imported Records as well as Failed Records with a reason for the failure. You also have the option to  Download the Failed Records by clicking on the Download button. You can correct the remaining failed record and precede to reimport them.
  11. Once done you can see the Status as COMPLETED

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