How to manage Users on Console/6IX POS


Now let’s talk about the different users of your business. Console typically allows you to set up accounts or profiles for your team members who would be operating the system. They include:

  • System Admin
  • Store Manager
  • Cashier
  • Financial
  • Supervisor etc

Depending on your business, you may also have the option to set user roles, which enable or restrict users from accessing certain features or information. For example, while administrators may have full control over the system, cashiers would only have access to the sell screen. 2021-09-02_23_34_39-Window.png

Go over the different roles in your business and set up your users accordingly.

To view and create users, navigate to SettingsGeneral SettingsUser Management. Already created users will be listed here.


Adding a new User

  • To add a new user, click on the Add User button.

  • Enter the employee details in the fields provided.

  • Click ‘Save’.


Name: Enter the Name of User/Employee, this is the way that the employee's name will be displayed in reports and hierarchy access.

User Name: Enter the User Name of User/Employee. Use a standardized format for login names, such as JaneDoe or JaDoe

Password: Enter the Password for User/Employee. Passwords need to be between 7-20 characters alpha-numeric.

PIN: Enter the 4 digit PIN for User/Employee. The PIN must be a 4 digit numeric code that should be unique to a user, using a number greater than 1000.

Role: Select the user's role from the drop-down box. Each user must be assigned a Role. The options for roles are Financial, Cashier, Supervisor, Venue Manager, System Admin.

Email: Enter the user's email address. This is recommended because it allows the user to use the forgot password function and email alerts.

Type: Type refers to the type of employment, selection is made from the drop-down options of Permanent or Temporary.

The Date of Birth and Date of Joining must be selected by clicking on the calendar

Phone and Mobile numbers can be entered in any format. It is advisable to be consistent in how you enter them.

How to Manage Users through 6IX POS?

Add Employees/Users

Employees can be created and modified on 6IX. To view and create employees, click on the menu icon from the home screen, Master Data → Select ‘Users’. The employee list will be displayed.

Note that employees can also be created on the nGauge mobile app.

Adding a new Employee

  • To add a new employee, click on the add employee sign at the bottom of the screen.

  • Enter the employee details in the field provided.

  • Click ‘Save’.


With employee setup, you are able to create and modify Cashier level employees.

Email: We recommend entering their email address so that when a password is forgotten, the temporary reset password can be sent to their email address.

 Note : Please make sure you put in the user's correct email address so they can reset their password if they get locked out or receive a notification if their passwords are about to expire.

Set Up PIN/Password

Password: Should be 7-20 characters alpha-numeric only, no spaces and we recommended it to be something unique and easy for the employee to remember.

PIN: Must be a 4 digit numeric code unique to that user.

These users will have access to the mInventory mobile app, but will not be able to access the nGauge application

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