How to customize the Receipt settings on Console/6IX POS


Go to Settings → General Settings → Receipt

Receipt settings help set up the store level headers and footers which will be printed on the transaction receipt. 

2021-09-02_17_58_05-Window.pngStore: Select the store you want to configure the receipt setup. This will be helpful if you have multiple stores and want to print different headers & footers based on store addresses or other details.

The Receipt Header and Footer text can be added/modified here. Up to five Header/Footer text can be added here by clicking on the + button. Please limit each line to the character restrictions of your printer.

Promotional Messages can be added to display on the customer receipt. This is a space in which merchants will be able to place additional lines on to the customer receipt, up to 500 characters.  Promotional Messages can be filled in globally at the store level or locally at the POS level.

A Promotional Image can be added by clicking on dropbox or just drag and drop the file to attach.


How to Access Receipt Settings through 6IX POS?

Navigate to menu, System --> Configurations--> Receipt

Using this feature, the merchant can input the Receipt settings so that on sales transactions the Headers and Footers are printed on the receipt. A Promotional Message (Max 120 characters) can also be added to the receipt.

Custom Labels: Surcharge label/Cash Discount label can be easily customized here. 

Global Comments: Configure special handling notes or comments on orders which will be printed on kitchen printers as well as KDS. 

Kitchen Receipt: Enable or Disable Kitchen receipts. 

Auto Print Kitchen receipt: Enable or Disable auto print kitchen receipt for QSR mode.

2021-08-11_17_59_18-Screenshot_20210811-175548_6IX_POS.jpg__-_Photos.png                    Screenshot_20210811-175544_6IX_POS.jpg

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