i360 Pro Release Notes


Release 1.0.6

Date: 13/07/2022
download__1_.pngNew Feature

  • Geiger Counter for locating products using RFID
    Now you can locate those hard-to-find RFID-tagged assets, complete with visual (bar chart) and audio indicators (beep). Simply attach RFID tags to your items and use this feature to find the product.

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Added permissions to users based on user roles.

Release 1.0.5

Date: 10/06/2022

  • Offline Support
    Now you can do cycle count on offline mode when you have poor connectivity or no internet connection.
  • ItemID Support
    Added Item ID support for inventory operations and item lookup. This is for items that have different item IDs and UPC.
  • Inventory Dashboard
    Console dashboard to see the status of scans and history of adjustment scans.
  • Performance & Stability Improved

Release 1.0.4

Date: 03/06/2022


  • Reset Quantity when receiving directly from a purchase order
  • Option to search a PO by ItemID/UPC/Name

1838371.png Enhancements

  • Improved reliability and speed
  • Multiple printer support
  • Easily share screenshots of missing items from Cycle count projects.
  • Adjustment History: See the last 20 adjustments from the history screen
  • Receiving History: See the last 20 receivings from the history screen

EP_-0vjUEAArS2Q.png Fixes

  • Fixed issue where inventory operations (receive/transfer/adjustment) can be performed for zero store balance items.
  • Fixed issue where the app allows more quantities when receiving against a purchase order.
  • Fixed app crashing issue when connecting sled with USB.

Initial Release 

Date: 23/05/2022

Version: 1.0.2

Version Code: 20220523

Say hello to i360 Pro

We are introducing our new mobile application i360 Pro which brings the power of Radio Frequency to all aspects of retailing and eases all kinds of inventory operations.  Using i360 Pro you can create & manage products, receive inventory to your business locations, and print bar-coded labels/RFID Tags, etc. 

What’s New

  • Cycle Counting 

You can use i360 Pro to manage your inventory counting process. You can easily and efficiently perform the cycle count and ensure the ongoing accuracy of your inventory counts with RFID technology, which has the ability to read many items at a time. The technology also doesn’t require line of sight so counters may not need to lift up each item or be able to visually see it to be able to count it. 

  • Product Management

You have direct access to all of the products in the business to ensure maximum fluidity and efficiency in business management. It is easy to manage all of the product-related activities like item creation/modification from here effortlessly. 

  • Barcode Label/RFID Tag Printing

Barcode labels and RFID tags can now be printed through the app. This allows for flexibility and ease of use for you where it's more convenient to print from your mobile application.

  • Quantity On Hand

With i360 Pro you can easily find the quantity on hand of the products in your store.

  • Inventory Receiving

i360 Pro allows for merchandise to be received directly through the app. This is especially useful for smaller retailers that can quickly scan the merchandise and get the items immediately onto the sales floor. This reduces the time spent on incoming shipments and allows for new merchandise to be available for your customers as quickly as possible, hopefully shorting the turnover rate as well as enhancing the customer experience as they see what’s new.  

  • Inventory Transfer

Transfer all your items from one store to another, eliminating the need to enter each one which involves the movement of items from one store to another, one warehouse to another, a warehouse to a store, or from a store to a warehouse.

  • Inventory Adjustment
    • Final Qty Adjustment
    • Write Off Adjustment

Modify inventory levels to reflect changes in your actual inventory count that might not be in your records. This refers to adjustment entries made in periodic accounting to account for differences between recorded and actual inventory items.

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