Guidelines for Filling Out Device Set Up Forms


Please read this document containing information that will assist you in filling out the setup form and avoiding common mistakes. Taking the time to do so will save you time in the long run. The information here is set up to follow the sections of the form. 

Company Settings

General Features

Enable Variable Item Keypad - Enter Y to Enable Variable Item Keypad. If you have items that are priced to the customer for a different amount, this will allow you to show a popup when it is sold on the sales transaction screen which prompts for the sales price. This is only available on TabPOS.

Opening /Closing Bank Amount -  Enter the amount for the Open / Close Bank.

Enable Loyalty -  Enter Y to Enable Loyalty. A loyalty program will allow you to award points to customers for money spent or for units purchased.

Enable Gift Cards -  Enter Y to Enable Gift Cards, please make sure that you also place an order for gift cards if needed or complete the conversion form.

Enable Invoicing - Enter Y to Enable Invoicing. An additional license will be required. This feature allows you to send customer invoices, either from the house accounts or manually generated invoices. An optional payment link is available from select processors.

Enable Customer Surveys - Enter Y to Enable Customer Surveys. Emailed receipts will include merchant-created survey questions.

Set nGauge Margin % Notifications - Enter the margin % that a merchant would like to see notifications on nGauge for.

Restaurant/QSR Mode - Specify Quick Service Restaurant Mode or Restaurant Mode.

Enable Decimal Mode - Enter Y to Enable Decimal Mode, which allows sales to be made in decimal quantities.

Enable House Accounts -  Enter Y to Enable House Accounts. If you are adding Invoicing and bill pay you will also need to submit the paperwork for that process.

Additional Service Plans - List the Service Level

Enable Tikt (In Seat Ordering) - Enter Y to enable.

Enable Online Store - Enter the online plan (Essentials, Professional, or Ultimate), to integrate online sales with instore.

Digital Data Migration

Has Digital Menu - Indicate Y if the merchant has an existing digital menu that can be imported

Menu URL - Enter the menu URL if the merchant has an existing digital menu.

Has Employee List with roles - Indicate Y if the merchant has an employee list with roles that can be imported.

Has Existing Customer List - Indicate Y  if the merchant has an existing customer list that can be imported.

Table Layout/Numbers Included - Indicate Y  if the merchant has an existing table layout or table numbers.

Has Existing Gift Card Balances - Indicate Y if the merchant has an existing gift card program and will need to import the existing balances.

Has Menu Quick Pick - Indicate Y or N if the merchant will be needing quick pick pages.

Has Existing Supplier/Vendor List - Indicate Y  if the merchant has an existing supplier/vendor list to be imported

Payment Information

Processor - Specify processor to be used.

Batch Close Time - Enter the Time to initiate the transfer of open credit card transactions from the register to the host bank.

Tip Enabled - Enter Y to Enable Tip for transactions.

Surcharge Type - Specify which surcharge should be enabled (Cash Discount, Surcharge, or Dual Pricing)

Amount - Enter the % or $ amount for the fee.

Surcharge On - Enter which Tender options you want the surcharge fee to apply.

Other Settings

Has Force Quantity/Weight - Indicate Y if the merchant will have items that will be flagged for Force Weight or Quantity so that when sold, the pos will look to the scale for the weight (or quantity).

Enable POS HA Payments -  Indicate Y if you will access payments on the POS for House Accounts (Store Credit).

Enable Email Alerts - Indicate Y if the merchant wants to enable email alerts, which automatically send an email when certain events happen (from employees not clocking out at end of day, PO’s need approval, inventory levels).

Enable Print on Suspend -  Indicate Y to enable the option to print the Suspended Transaction Receipt.

Enable Quickbooks Online - Indicate Y for set up of Quickbooks online integration.

CRM, Loyalty & Promotions

Promotions - Enter the Discount Name and % or $ rate. If variable rate, enter 0%. Example: Employee Discount 25%

Loyalty Earnings - Specific how loyalty points will be earned. (Example 1 point of every $ spent (Max $100) or 1 point for every 1 item sold (in the category Coffee)

Loyalty Rewards - Specific how rewards can be redeemed. (up to 3 tiers). For example, 100 points earn $5 or 10 points earn a free item from the coffee category. 

Customer Groups - Enter the names of any customer groups the merchant may need to create. Customer groups often have special pricing or discounts that can be automatically applied at the time of the sale (such as a Wine Club or Wholesale Group) Group Name. 

Set Spend Groups - Specify the discount for each customer group. 

GLOBAL COMMANDS - List special handling notes or comments to have available on orders.

Cart Settings

Enable Verified Refund -Enter Y to Enable Verified Refund which allows for refunds only after entering a  valid sales transaction number. Items allow merchants to only do verified returns (items can only be  returned from valid sales transaction only)

Enable Auto Logout - Enter Y to Enable Auto Logout, to log out and launch to the login screen when you hold an order or check out an order (TabPOS Only). 

Tip on Glass - Enter Y to Enable Tip on Glass and tip will be sent to the pax device.

Server Close Out Process - Enter Y to Enable the server close out process.

Hardware Settings

Primary Receipt - Indicate what printer model to print receipts.

Enable Scale - Enter Y to Enable an integrated scale.

Number of Station Printer - Indicate the number of station printers.

Enable CDS - Enter Y to Enable CDS, allow the merchant to set up the customer display screen.

Enable KDS - Enter Y to Enable kitchen display screen.

Enable Kitchen Printer/QSR Mode - Enter Y to Enable Kitchen Printer/QSR Mode.

Printer Subcategories - Enter the printer subcategories

Online Ordering Settings

Current Online Site URL - Enter the URL of your current online site.

Item List Attached - Enter Y if the merchant has item list.

Online Gateway Ordered - Enter Y if the merchant has ordered Online Gateway.

Setup Plan - Enter the online plan (Essentials, Professional, or Ultimate)

Item Images Available - Enter Y if the merchant has item images available.

Ordering Hours - Enter the site ordering hours.

Digital Marketing Settings

CDS - Digital Display Resting Screen - Indicate Text/Image/Carousel/Company Logo to be displayed on the CDS resting screen.

Display Text - Enter the Text to be displayed.

Carousel Item ID - Enter the Carousel Item ID of the Item to be displayed.

Logo URL - Enter the company logo URL

Web View URL - Enter the web view URL

To download the form, please click on the link below 

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